A/G Pool Woes

We bought a 16’x26′ Cornelius Above Ground Pool in 2001. Our reputable dealer said we could install it “in-ground” up to 2 foot deep – so we did.

After spending a good part of last year’s season patching the liner with the inevitable win by the elements – like with the Borg, we decided resistance was futile.

So this year, we’re going to buy a new liner, but wait! What about that rusted out area on one end? We really need to do something there to protect the new liner.

Using a tack hammer or the handle end of a screwdriver, I tapped around on the rusty areas and what we thought was one little area turned into some pretty major rust damage.

We’ve run the thought process gamut several times -from patching this pool, to replacing it with one the same size, or even 1′ smaller, to buying a larger pool with an expandable bottom and installing it above ground centered on the existing 2′ hole.

We still have not decided what we’re going to do.

Today, I started some disassembly of the existing pool, but wanted some photos before I got too far. Here they are