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My Grandson

What can I say about this little guy….short of amazing. I know most grandmoms feel that way about their grandkids and I understand why. It is so funny to watch him develop. I’ll see things in him that I remember either one of my two kids doing at that age and it brings back lots of memories. To see how much my daughter has grown as she takes on motherhood and a full time job makes me smile with pride. Times are much different now than they were when I was a young mother of two little ones.

I was there when he was born and held him just a few minutes after birth. Now he is a little over 15 months old and constantly on the go. Loves to play hide and seek, peek a boo and dance to music. He loves the Old McDonald song and it is so funny to hear him sing “eieio” and his new word “tractor”. Last time we kept him, he was really in to being cuddled. He would go from Grandpa to Grandma to Uncle and we would each have our turn of holding him. He gives you this big old grin and then off he would go to the next person.

I put together a few pictures to show how much he has changed over the last 15 months.

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Posted by Cheree - January 3, 2010 at 5:34 pm

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