Samsung Instinct from Sprint

This post is not really about our gardens – but Cheree and I got new cell phones – the Instinct from Sprint.

I’ve taken to writing software for this new cell phone. This is the first full touchscreen phone I’ve ever had. Features include voice navigation, music player, web browser, TV, Live Search (a great feature) and news, weather, sports, among other things. Plus you get all the usual stuff – calendar, alarm, and text messaging. It also includes picture mail and voice messaging on the phone – you don’t have to “call” yourself to get your messages, they are stored right there on your phone.

You can find lots of resources on the web about this phone. Here’s a list of the places I frequent: is a collaboration of a group of developers for Instinct software. We started work on the site on Oct 7, 2008 – by Oct 28, 2008, we took the site live and made announcements that it was ready for use. Since then it’s just been a deluge of visitors, downloads, and continued development.

In the first two months we’ve had over 30,000 downloads of free and paid applications and site traffic has grown to over 1000 visits per day with an average number of pages viewed of 5.6 – and utilizing over 1GB of bandwidth per day. If you have a Samsung Instinct, you owe it to yourself to check out our site.

In a similar vein, there are many new touchscreen phones entering the market – the Samsung Behold from tMobile comes to mind. This phone looks very similar to the Instinct and I am looking for someone who owns one that would be interested in doing some testing of our apps – and you can keep a copy for free of course. If you have one of these phones and are interested in being a guinea pig, please contact me. If you live in the DFW area, that’s even better.